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Helping women heal gut issues & autoimmune disease

Using a holistic, science-based approach, targeting the root cause of each individual's illness

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I know you're not just looking for another prescription.

  • Doctors are telling you there is nothing wrong with you but you don't feel OK

  • No matter how many doctors you see or how many things you try, nothing helps

  • You're feeling grumpy & irritated and have been told 'it's just your hormones'. It's not!

  • You're tired of feeling that no one believes you - these symptoms are real! 


I’ve been there too.

I believe you deserve to be heard and to have a plan for healing that actually works.

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I’ve made more progress in 6 months of working with Olivia than I have in 10 years of conventional medicine!

~ Mel





Hello! My name is Olivia Gorans.


I’m a certified and licensed Family Nurse Practitioner in Rapid City, South Dakota and one of the few Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Providers and Wahl’s Protocol Certified Providers in the world.

More prescriptions weren’t helping me either. I’ve been where you are with multiple autoimmune conditions and it’s why I’m in functional medicine today.

Now, I help individuals look at their health through a different lens and begin to heal using targeted food and lifestyle changes.

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Functional Medicine Doctor in South Dakota.


‘I recently went on a trip with my girlfriends. A couple of years ago I would have had all the aging problems they have from gut issues, to skin issues, to joint pain and I've totally reversed all of that!’ 

~ Lori



Here’s how we’ll tackle your health challenges:


I’ll answer your questions on a 20-minute call 


I’ll let you know if the group program is best for you or if you need a personalized program. On the call we’ll go over the difference between the two, including pricing.


You will be held accountable to your goals and together we’ll begin your healing journey. You’ll get your hope back.

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You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them! – Lara Casey


You read that and the sadness creeps in. You just don’t feel right, something is wrong with you. You’ve been to the doctor after doctor and they say that your labs are normal. They tell you your symptoms are ‘normal for your age’. 

Your intuition tells you something isn’t right though. Is it really normal to feel exhausted no matter what you do? You’ve read a lot of blogs, googled your symptoms, and now you’re overwhelmed, afraid you’re dying (thank you Google!) and don’t know where to start.

You want someone who will listen to you. You want a plan with real solutions to help you heal. That's why I'm here.

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‘After 20 years of an elevated ANA and being told that there was nothing I could do but take medication, my ANA is currently negative!’ 

~ Lori



Vital Healing Functional Medicine

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