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How we can work together to reclaim your health

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If you are determined stop suffering with gut symptoms or you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and want to reclaim your health, you’re in the right place!

Have you wondered if what you’re eating is triggering some of your symptoms but are never able to quite figure out which foods are causing the issue?

Are you worried about just going on a strict diet without labs to determine what and why you’re doing what you’re doing?

You’re looking for other, better options to get your life back.

You’re ready for real solutions and you want someone who will REALLY listen to you, take your symptoms seriously and not give up on you!

I believe you deserve to be heard and to have a plan for your health that actually works.

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Examples of conditions treated:


  • Severe fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Gut issues that won’t resolve
  • Food sensitivities
  • Autoimmune diseases (there are over 100) including:
    • Thyroid issues
    • Celiac disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Lupus
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Psoriasis
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Your first visit


At your first visit I take a deep dive into what led to where you are today with your current symptoms. There are a thousand things that can lead to a symptom. We’ll look all the way back to where it started, when you were in the womb, until now and what’s happening in your life. This will help determine where I need to focus for lab testing and what lifestyle changes you need to start with.

Your treatment plan


I always look at food first as part of your treatment plan. Though food almost never was the original cause of your current symptoms, it’s now contributing to your symptoms. We need to test to see which foods to eliminate and then work on getting you on a healthy nutrition plan for you. We will also need to look at digestion. You may be eating an amazing diet, but if you’re not digesting it, it’s not helping you heal.


 No other practitioner has ever taken the time that Olivia has to really work out what could be causing my issues. I am thrilled with my results and would highly recommend Vital Healing to anyone with chronic health problems!

~ Shannon




Hello! My name is Olivia Gorans.


I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner and Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Provider.

Having healed from autoimmune disease myself, I understand how scary and overwhelming it can when you feel that you aren’t getting answers. Your hope starts to slip away.

Knowing the transformation that’s possible was the motivation behind my decision to become one of the 1,300 providers in the world certified in Functional Medicine.

I help you look at health through a different lens, breaking down your fears and working step by step towards a life of happiness and wellbeing. We’re not going to completely abandon the conventional medicine knowledge, but there’s typically so much that you can do to either avoid, reduce, or eliminate your prescriptions.


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A simple plan


I want you to stop feeling like your life is passing you by while you muddle around reading blogs and googling your symptoms. Beating gut issues and autoimmune disease is complicated but I break everything down into simple steps for you:


I’ll answer your questions on a 20-minute call 


I’ll let you know if the group program is best for you or if you need a personalized program. On the call we’ll go over the difference between the two, including pricing.


You will be held accountable to your goals and together we’ll begin your healing journey. You’ll get your hope back.

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